Student Outcomes

A variety of metrics are used to evaluate student outcomes. Results for selected outcomes of interest to prospective students and others are as follows:

What Our Alumni Say

  • A survey completed by 78 MHA alumni in the spring of 2018 found that 44% held positions in hospitals and health systems; 12% worked in consulting firms; and the rest held positions in physician practice management, long term care, an agency of the federal government, Washington, D.C. think tanks, insurance and HMOs, and others.
  • Fifty-three percent reported that they served in upper and middle management positions; 16% were in quality management; and others were in many other positions in the healthcare sector.
  • Thirty percent of our alumni reported earning between $71,00 and $90,00 annually; 39% reported earning more than $90,000.
  • Alumni were asked if they were prepared for their job, after graduating. Ninety-five percent indicated that they were prepared.
  • Ninety-one percent indicated that they would recommend our graduate program to someone who was interested in pursuing graduate education in healthcare administration.
  • Ninety-one percent of MHA graduates in 2018 were employed in the field within three months of graduation.

What Our Preceptors Say

  • Following the capstone practicum, preceptors submit an evaluation of their students. The most recent evaluation was in fall 2018. During the fall 2018 capstone class, all fifteen preceptors indicated that they would be receptive to employing the capstone student in their organization if a suitable position were available.
  • When asked, if they believe that their capstone student is prepared for the challenges, he/she will face in the evolving healthcare delivery system, fourteen responded “high” or “very high”.

Student Self-Assessment

  • Each semester all students in the capstone class complete a self-assessment of their perceived proficiency with each of the program competencies. Students rate their proficiency on a five-point scale. In the fall 2018 survey, 86% of the students reported proficiency levels of “competent," “moving toward expert,” or “expert” for 29 of the 38 competencies. The remaining competencies scored “moving toward competent."