Capstone Practicum

Capstone Practicum
Christine Connolly gives her capstone presentation.

About the Capstone

The capstone practicum is a vital part of the curriculum for the MHA in health systems management program. Students in the MS in health informatics program have the option of writing a thesis or doing a capstone practicum project. During the practicum experience, students function as an integral member of an organizational entity and work 20 hours per week (unpaid) to complete a project assigned by the organization. The objective of the practicum project course is to enable students to build on their theoretical preparation to:

  • Develop leadership skills, management skills, and systematic problem/issue analysis skills through direct participation in management activities in a business or health-related organization;
  • Obtain practical information and knowledge about various aspects of developing products, analyzing opportunities, and managing various aspects of work in business/health-related enterprises or public policy-making entities;
  • Utilize research, communication, presentation, and writing skills to complete a project deliverable as requested by the host organization.

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