John Cantiello, PhD

John Cantiello
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Associate Professor, HAP

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Phone: 703-993-1731
Building: Peterson Hall
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Dr. Cantiello, Associate Professor of Health Administration and Policy, teaches and advises students in the Health Administration undergraduate program. His research interests include health insurance coverage, access to and coordination of health services, and underserved populations. He is co-editor of the contributed textbook, Managing Integrated Health Systems. The chapters in this textbook provide managers engaged in and studying healthcare administration the understanding and the knowledge required to succeed in their profession.

Dr. Cantiello's experience in the health care field includes working in medical facilities and hospitals in an administrative capacity, working for the Orange County Health Department as operations management consultant, working for the Florida Center for Nursing as a research assistant, and serving as a health agency site evaluator.

University Service


  • Co-chair of University Task Force on Term Faculty, George Mason University, 2017-Present
  • Cross-College Curriculum Committee, George Mason University, 2012-16
  • Effective Teaching Committee, George Mason University, 2012-2014 
  • Faculty Senate, George Mason University, 2010-2014 
  • Faculty Matters Committee, George Mason University, 2010-2012 
  • Learning Environment Group, George Mason University, 2012-2014 
  • President Cabrera’s Program Innovation and Growth Working Group, George Mason University, 2012 
  • University Distance Education Council, George Mason University, 2011-2014 


  • Chair of Review and Reappointment Committee, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, George Mason University, 2016
  • Curriculum Committee, George Mason University, 2014-Present 
  • Celebration of Scholarship Committee, 2015-Present
  • Distinguished Scholar Award Selection Committee, 2017
  • Distinguished Alumni Selection Committee, George Mason University, 2015
  • Search committees for Associate Dean of community engagement and academic advisor positions, George Mason University, 2014


  • Chair of Health Administration & Policy Department Curriculum Committee, 2015-Present. Co-chair, 2014-2015 
  • Undergraduate Program Representative to theDepartment of Health Administration & Policy Program Evaluation and Improvement Committee, 2010-Present 
  • Representative of George Mason University to the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) Undergraduate Committee, 2015-Present 
  • Department of Health Administration & Policy MHA Task Force, 2015
  • Department of Health Administration & Policy term faculty search committee, 2014
  • Department of Health Administration & Policy PT&R Task Force, 2014-2015
  • Part of two person AUPHA Certification for Undergraduate Health Systems Management Program in 2011 and 2014 


Research Interests

  • Health insurance coverage
  • Access to health services
  • Coordinated care
  • Underserved populations


Budgen, J. and Cantiello, J. (2017). Advantages and Disadvantages of the Patient-Centered Medical Home: A Critical Analysis and Lessons Learned. The Health Care Manager 36(4), 357-363.

Cantiello, J., Kitsantas, P., Moncada, S. Abdul, S. (2016). The Evolution of Quality Improvement in Healthcare: Patient-Centered Care and Health Information Technology Applications. Journal of Hospital Administration, 5(2), 62-68.

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Noblin, A., Cortelyou-Ward, K., Cantiello, J. (2012). Utilizing Telemedicine Techniques to Confront Rural Mental Health Care Challenges: The Progression towards a Technological Health Ecosystem. Journal of Health and Medical Informatics, Special Issue 7:001.

Cantiello. J., Fottler, M.D., Oetjen, D., Zhang, J. (2011). Determinants of Health Insurance Coverage Rates for Young Adults: An Analytical Literature Review. Advances in Health Care Management, Volume 11, Chapter 7. Emerald Publishing Group.

Cantiello, J., Cortelyou-Ward, K. (2010). The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Lessons Learned from Physicians who have Gone Electronic. The Health Care Manager, 29(4), 332-338.

Books and Chapters

Shiver, J. and Cantiello, J. (2015). Managing Integrated Health Systems. Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC

Cantiello, J. (2015). Managing Access to the Healthcare System. In Shiver, J. and Cantiello, J. Managing Integrated Health Systems. Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.

Shiver, J. and Cantiello, J. (2015). The Journey from Quality to Value. In Shiver, J. and Cantiello, J. Managing Integrated Health Systems. Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.

Cantiello, J. and Hotchkiss, R.B. (2013). Choosing the Appropriate Electronic Medical Records System: A Clinic’s Journey to Innovation. In Borkowski, N. and Deckard (Eds.) Case Studies in Organizational Behavior and Theory for Health Care. Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.

Hotchkiss, R.B. and Cantiello, J. (2013). Readiness and Change Management during Electronic Medical Records Adoption. In Borkowski, N. and Deckard, G. (Eds.) Case Studies in Organizational Behavior and Theory for Health Care. Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.


"ASHA Member Survey on Coordinated Care Delivery Models in Independent and Assisted Living Communities," American Seniors Housing Association. Cantiello, J., Carle, A., 2017. Role: Principal investigator. $12,500

"Patient-Centered Medical Homes and Cancer Patients’ Care Outcomes,"  American Cancer Society. Hadley, J., Cantiello, J., Helmchen, L., Mandleblatt, J., Potosky, A., Faul, L., O’Malley, A.S., Tirodkar, M. Role: Co-investigator. $720,000

"Quality of Life Indicators among Residents in Professionally Managed Assisted Living Communities,"  Assisted Living Federation of America. Gimm, G., Kitsantas, Y., Cantiello, J., Carle, A. Role: Co-investigator, $96,821

"Physical Education in Elementary Schools," Florida Hospital Center for Health Futures. Cantiello, J., Bogue, R., Oetjen, D.M., & Brent, R., 2006. Results prompted the Healthy Florida Foundation to recommend legislation requiring elementary school children to participate in 150 minutes of physical education each week. This legislation was later signed into law by the Governor of Florida.

"Florida Closing the Gap," Florida Hospital - Center for Health Futures. Cantiello, J., Bogue, R., Barfield, R., Oetjen, D.M. & Brent, R., 2004- 2005. 

Honors and Awards


  • Graduate Research Fellowship, 2006, University of Central Florida
  • Incentive Graduate Fellowship, 2006, University of Central Florida
  • Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching, 2005, College of Health and Public Affairs
  • Community Service Chairperson, 2003-2004, American College of Healthcare Executives, Orlando Cluster
  • Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, 1998-2002, Florida Bright Futures
  • Martin Memorial Auxiliary Hospital Scholarship, 1998–2000, Martin Memorial Auxiliary Hospital




  • PhD, Public Affairs: Healthcare, University of Central Florida
  • MS, Health Services Administration, University of Central Florida
  • BS, Health Services Administration, University of Central Florida